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Al Fakher glass Hookah with LED light

Al Fakher glass Hookah with LED light

Modern Glass LED Hookah by Al Fakher comes with Remote control


The Al-Fakher Tobacco Company is taking a new approach to Hookah smoking with the introduction of the world’s first Al-Fakher Glass Hookah. Unlike other Hookah models, this entire Al-Fakher Hookah is made of 100% glass and includes a Glass Charcoal Screen, and Glass Bowl / Stem / Down Tube set.


This Hookah is easy to clean since it is made entirely of glass and smokes perfectly just like a tall and traditional Hookah model.


  • LED Light and Remote Control
  • Glass Bowl, Glass Stem, and Glass Down Tube
  • Glass Charcoal Tray
  • Al Fakher Hose
  • Carrying Case with Key Lock
  • 14 inch
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